Each Man’s Action Is a Seed…..

I love to write.…at school I would get welcoming complaints from the teachers that my creative writing stories were always marathons, with the comment,

“ Well done Wenderlynn, another marathon.”

The criteria was always for one double sided sheet of A4 paper, which usually ended up in twice the amount. They must have liked my stories according to my grades which I’m proud to say were usually A or A*s in those days.  In writing my stories, my muse usually came after 40 minutes sitting on the toilet; yes this was the place for my inspiration. I would lock the door and sit, do the usual and…write.

Creative writing was indeed something I loved but I never carried on with it when I left school. I did succeed some years later in getting one or two poems published but I’m certainly no Pam Ayers or Thomas Hardy.

museI find my days filled with ideas of what to write in the blogs here, the main idea was for a blog post every time we made a visit to the project. That started off ok but somewhere my muse was lost, even the numerous visits to the toilet have not been inspirational. Perhaps the toilet paper needs changing.

Lately every time I start a blog, the muse seems to be there and then…..it goes as quickly as it came. I want to share with you our thoughts, our hopes and fears but it seems that my writing is blocked by some imaginary beast, refusing to let it go any further than a paragraph or two.

Yet here I am writing about why I can’t write, there is some irony in that I suppose. My blogging was meant to be, as I said, about the project and our experiences but perhaps this mental block, this writer’s block, is just as relevant as anything we are actively doing.

Our minds are a crucial part of our existence……obviously I hear you say. Without them we couldn’t eat or drink or speak or think.  But do we ever really take the time to understand how connected our minds are to our bodies? The actions we carry out everyday are a seed planted by a thought.

We take for granted our minds and overload them with numerous tasks that we don’t really need to do. We don’t listen to our bodies when we have thoughts of pain or discomfort yet are minds and bodies are one.

If we took the time to pay attention to our thoughts perhaps our bodies would not become so weary with dis-ease. Perhaps we would not feel the need to scream and shout to make ourselves heard and would instead think about how to communicate with others and listen to their needs, in turn learning our own.

Our thoughts and actions are all connected. If I cannot think of what to write how then can I use my fingers to type out my feelings to connect with you. The funny thing is I picked up the laptop to check  twitter  and suddenly without thought my fingers made the choice for me. They wanted to write. There was no premeditated thought about writing this post, just the need for my fingers to be active and write, write anything.

So do our bodies control our minds or do our minds control our bodies? I believe they are one and the same. Our thoughts exist in every state, good or bad. We make choices on which one to carry out. We choose what to eat and drink, whether it is good or bad. Each thought has an action, each action has a consequence. Without thought there is no action. Without action there is no thought; for each man’s action is a seed for another’s thoughts.

Perhaps my inspiration to write should not just come from the activities of the project but from those around us who have inspired us to create the project, to make it a reality and to those of you who one day had a thought and with body and mind made your thoughts a reality.

Perhaps tonight my muse was set free……..

2 thoughts on “Each Man’s Action Is a Seed…..

  1. I think sometimes the pressure to write, especially a blog with it’s hungry eyes and grasping hands, takes away the pleasure. So I hope you have been set free. Don’t feel the need to feed the audience, but your own sole, on this wonderful journey. The rest will come.

    1. Thank you MBJ for your comment, our first I might add. You’re right, there does seems to be a need to feed an audience with blogging when it should be about one’s desire to tell a story. It’s much more inspiring to write from the heart. Thank you for your inspiration.

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