The Choice Is Yours

There’s a certain kind of madness that comes from living within the wilderness of the land, such is the beautiful complexity of nature. Here I feel an intangible understanding that that madness is the spirit which resides within me, within us all, telling us where we belong. Before the hum of the industrial machine and the enclosure of man’s spirit, our connection to nature was whole, we were one with her. We are born, we grow, through nature and nurture we evolve.

Our spirit grows with us, staying close to the triggers that will one day remind us we are part of the whole.  They can tell us to fear our surroundings and flee or to stand and face the foe before us, but if we cannot recognise our foe and know which we should do, how do we begin to understand the actions we should take? How do we know what tools to use to cope? How do we know when we have enough, when our lives are full? How do we know what choices to make on behalf of our children? When do they have a say? How do we learn to not be swayed by whispering, corrupt, hypnotism? At what price do we make choices to help others, knowing there will be a price to pay? Therein lies another kind of madness. A solitary one.

ANXIETY is an intrinsic part of our biological makeup, an instinctual trigger to tell us something is wrong, to stand or to run from hairy mammoths. A few days ago my husband was browsing through books in a library, when he sent me this message from his phone. There was an image attached.

“I opened up a book on seedbombs and discovered this slip inside on a page with Fukuoka. Seems significant to find this today”

He had discovered a small, piece of white paper, which read,


has 2 meanings

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

The Choice is yours”


This card was…and is…significant to the challenges we are currently facing. The card is now in a prominent place to remind us both to make a collective choice.

We have no need these days to run from mammoths, [at least not the hairy kind] so not much of a need for our instincts to tell us to do so. But our psyche still tells us something is wrong. How do we face with strength, the things which break our hearts or shatter our dreams?  Whoever we are, whatever we become, we cannot stop  the natural connection we have to the earth. We still need to breathe the air, we still need to drink water, we still need food, shelter and clothing…..we still need companionship and community. Taking one or all of these away, does not mean we are not connected to them, it means we may struggle or go mad trying to find the whole in the connection again. Some of us never do and instead battle in the darkness alone.

I would say ANXIETY has a new purpose now. No need for to it to tell us there’s a oversized elephant about to trample us to death. I believe it now tells us we have to make choices about the way we choose to live, about the values we choose to live by, about how to cope with the challenges we are faced with.  

When, in a world twisted by fake truth,  a person tells us what they think we need, takes away our ability to be who we are, our ability to be true to our nature, we have to nurture it back at whatever price it takes. We then strive to settle the ANXIOUS child within us, to once and for all be whole, be accepted and valued, we forget that our spirit, our madness, is there to remind us where we belong.  The land is key to our wellbeing. We belong back with the land.

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Wenderlynn Bagnall

Permaculture Practitioner

Believer of the inner truth