Braunton, Devon – May 2016

DSC_0801“I really enjoyed the design process where they spent a lot of time understanding our needs as a family..”

Size of garden – 39 metres x 27 metres (approx 0.25 acres)

Cost of design without implementation – £350

This design proposal included aquaponics, mushroom logs and giant Jenga



Base map for property by Iain Bagnall

Sun sector overlay by Iain Bagnall


View, wind and neighbour sector overlays by Iain Bagnall


Predicted zoning overlay. Each zone indicated by the different colours by Iain Bagnall




Designer recommendations overlay by Iain Bagnall
















Testimonial “Moving house last year gave me the opportunity to think about implementing a permaculture design for our new suburban garden. However, our site is not straightforward, having the house more or less in the middle of the plot, plenty of shady areas, slopes and terraces and the requirement to keep the lawn area for social space which ideally would be best suited for growing! Having done the induction to permaculture course a couple of years ago I knew there were certain things I wanted to achieve with the garden to fit in permaculture principles but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how?

Step in Wenderlynn and Ian who took my wish list and carefully planned out everything I wanted to achieve and more! Important concepts they manged to include were things such as imaginative social space, a low maintenance edible and perennial garden, as well as finding space for chickens and even the potential to include aquaponics. I really enjoyed the design process where they spent a lot of time understanding our needs as a family to come up with a detailed garden design that is very inspiring but achievable over time. Their knowledge and understanding of permaculture and planting in second to none and I would recommend their support to anyone who is thinking about permaculture consultancy.”

Nicola Corrigan