Camp among the trees or in open space. Wake to bird song in the mornings, forage for berries and currants. Learn, be inspired or chill out.

Become part of Wishtree and enjoy the peace and quite of the surroundings. Sit by our food forest pond among the trees, let nature guide you and regenerate your sense of wellbeing.

We’re not your usual campsite. We give you an opportunity to learn about Permaculture when you stay at our 5 acre, LAND learner project . You’ll have an opportunity to share in some of the work we do, participate in a course or take a tour.

Facilities are basic with no washing facilities and a compost toilet. We are off-grid but do have a good wifi connection in certain areas. We have a small solar set up and maybe able to charge phones on days when there is a good supply of energy from the sun. There is a small fee of £1.00 per hour for charging phones.

We use rainwater collection for all our water needs and our supplier can be limited so please bring your own water.

We are on if you would like to see more about our pitches but you can  contact us to learn more about camping with us and booking directly. Prices are £7 per person per pitch.