Cob Oven Build

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this course in now cancelled.

We are very happy to be hosting our first pratical course with Bear Natural Building. You will have a chance to learn the art of using cob as a natural building material.

Using this method we will be building a cob oven which will be the focal point of our new community kitchen creating a space for sharing and socialising.

You will have a chance to learn the art of using natural materials to construct with whilst enjoying and experiencing Wishtree our permaculture LAND, learner project, where we are demonstrating various techniques such as forest gardening and how we live and work off-grid.

We are also offering 10% off this course if you book a place on our May Introduction to Permaculture course.

Date: June 12th to 14th

Location: Wishtree, Devon, EX21 5JN

Cost: £250

Ref: COB

The fee includes catering and camping. Places are limited so please book early to ensure your place on the course. It is recommend you bring wellies, suitable clothing and gloves with you. Facilities are basic with a treebog (compost toilet) and a rustic shower set up.

For more details and to book your place please contact us using the necessary reference.

Bear Natural Building specialises in unique cob construction. I grew up in a cob house in Devon and I have been building with cob since 2011. In 2014 I did a 3 month apprenticeship course at Sundog School of Natural Building in Mendocino, California. This was a pivotal experience for me and since then I have returned to the states to work with other natural building professionals to further my learning and worked on many projects here in the UK. I have taught oven building here in the UK and in Portugal. Last year I co taught a 9 day cob building course in Oregon with my previous teacher from Sundog, Bryan Burnoski. Building a cob oven is a great first step into the world of natural building as multiple techniques are employed in a very managable project. Doing this over a few days gives the participants the opportunity to delve into these techniques with plenty of time for questions and explanations as well as direct hands on feet in experience.

Bjorn Bayer