Our courses are welcoming, interactive and fun as well as giving you the space to be yourself. We are offering a small selection of courses but will add further courses as we collaborate with others to deliver them. Please see our drop down list.

Permaculture is a natural design science. It uses nature to mimic and design systems using an holistic approach. Although our courses are specifically aimed at delivering land and social Permaculture, we offer alternative subjects which use Permaculture techniques and principles in their content such as our Edible Garden Design course.

We hope you will consider one of our courses and come and share with others the opportunity to explore an innovative approach to life and living. Please get in touch to book a place or speak to us about content you would like to see us offer. If you are interested in being one of our guest facilitators or teachers please get in touch, we will be happy to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy your experience.


Wenderlynn and Iain


Curtsy of

Bill Mollison 04/05/28 to 24/09/16

Bill co-founded Permaculture. Sadly this year he passed away. Permaculture continues to grow and evolve with hundreds of new and aspirating Permaculture practitioners teaching and practicing Permaculture world wide in over 140 countries.