Edible Garden Design consultancy

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We use the principles of agroforestry to design small scale food forest systems, enabling these techniques to be implemented into small spaces as well as large acreage sites. We are happy to work with our clients who have small spaces they would like to grow in from a windowsill, up to no more than five acres or two hectares (-ish).

Preschool garden boxes 3
Sketchup design for Hatherleigh Preschool Edible Garden Beds

Our designs enable you to look after and maintain your garden or smallholding at low cost and with minimal input.

Base Map - Edible garden design
Base Map – Edible garden design Devon, 2017

We can show you how to create a natural environment to not only feed yourself and your family but which is also beneficial to wildlife and works with nature.  Incorporating a diversity of plants into your growing space that are both edible and act as system plants, will attract beneficial insects to your garden helping it to be pest free.

If you are interested in, and love the idea of harvesting fruit and vegetables from your garden with no or little effort involved, please get in touch using our contact form.

See what people say about us in our testimonials

You can also see a detailed example of our work here.

Sample Implementation Gallery: 

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