Events 2020

We want to start to change the way people think when we are charging for the services we offer, into a positive idea of what money does. Money is energy. How we use it determines its effect on us.

Money is  only one form of capital. There are 8+ forms of capital which show us what real wealth is. Our underpinning focuses on these capitals. We exchange one capital for another. Our Time Capital, (a capital we have added to the original 8), is usually exchanged for Financial Capital. Or we exchange Financial Capital for Intellectual Capital when we are paying to for training courses.

For centuries people bartered and exchanged goods; we’re going to try to do the same but a little differently, through supporting our local community. We offer you the opportunity to attend one of our Tours by exchanging our time for purchased items, such as local beers, eggs and produce, ideally from our suggested local businesses. These are businesses we already support. We will also accept homemade cake and wine!

Of course we will accept financial capital as there are some things we just have to use money for, such as insurance to be able to teach, seeds from our suppliers, and paying for teaching venues. All this helps us to support our mission






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