Introduction To Permaculture

Due to the CVID-19 virus we are working to deliver our teaching online until the situation changes. Please contact us for more details


Permaculture is a natural design science mimicking the patterns of nature. It can be used to help build regenerative and resilient landscapes and communities. It is a solutions based, systems thinking, design process which can help you to adapt to and build resilience for changes in the natural and social ecosystems.

This course will give you an holistic overview of the basic theory and practical application of how permaculture can be used in what you do. We will show you how to use permaculture design in your garden as a pretext to how you can use social permaculture to support your own emotional wellbeing and build connections in your community. We will be sharing resilience tools by Chris Johnstone as part of our social toolkit for wellbeing.

Examples of areas we will cover are:

  • What permaculture is
  • The ethics of permaculture
  • Zones and sectors
  • Pattern recognition
  • How you can use permaculture in your everyday life
  • The practical application of permaculture design
  • How to build a toolkit for adapting to change and for resilience for mental wellbeing.

This is a three day course.

  • Day 1 will cover the basic design process.
  • Day 2 will introduce you to how to apply the practical application of permaculture design.
  • Day 3 will cover social permaculture, where we will bring together days one and two to give you an holistic understanding of how permaculture can be applied for personal resilience.

There will be an opportunity to be resident on this course and experience Wishtree, our off-grid, permaculture demonstration project. You will be able to look at examples of how permaculture design is being used.

The food we will be providing will be harvested from Wishtree, where possible and locally from the community.

Cost includes food and camping and is per person per day. We offer 10% discount if you bring a friend to one of our courses.

Date: May 22nd – 24th ,  July 10th -12th

Location: Wishtree, Devon, EX21 5JN

Cost: £170




You can find out more about Wishtree by following this link

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