Introduction To Permaculture


Date: August 17th and 18th

          September 7th and 8th

Location: Wishtree, Devon, EX21 5JN

Cost: £170

This is the basic two day Introduction course. We will cover elements such as zoning, sectors, inputs and outputs analysis and how to apply the practical application of design. We will be look at examples of how permaculture design has been used at our off-grid, demonstration, LAND learner, project, Wishtree

Cost includes food and camping. Facilities are limited, at present to a compost toilet only. Wishtree does not currently have disabled access.


Building Resilience – The Basics

Date: September 28th

Location: Wishtree, Devon

Cost: £90

An introduction to the practical basics of being resilient”. 

This workshop will cover some of the basic practices we have used living off-grid, to help build our own resilience. We will share with you our experiences of using permaculture to cope with the psychological stresses of our current environmental and social challenges.
We will look at how to use what you have to start where you are, helping you to learn to transition from a high impact way of life to a regenerative and resilient one. We will show you how you can achieve a lower impact way of life at a lower impact, low cost and more environmentally conscious way.

Additional Information on our Courses

Unless otherwise stated, all our courses will be held at Wishtree, our Learning And Network Demonstration project (LAND learner for short).  You can find out more about Wishtree by following this link

For more details and to book on any of our courses or events please use our contact page .

All costs go towards venue fees and help us to meet our vision


About our teaching –

“Good teachers. Had a wealth of experience and knowledge”


“Really felt I learned in an interactive Way”

“Kind, caring Creative…. lots of practical, not lecturing”

“Particularly inspired and empowered, rejuvenated to clarify and refine vision.”

“Equal amounts of practical and sitting. Didn’t feel like we spent too long on any one thing”

About value for money:

“Very generous to share, opportunity in creative ways, priority of sharing info, more than profit which is of huge value.”

“Good value for the combination of food/lectures on hand experience/resources and fun.”

“Good value”

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