Fee List

Guide prices for 2018


Edible Garden Design –

Our consultancy fees start from £150 and range from a basic Bronze, Silver to Gold Design. We offer a free 1hr initial consultation where we can discuss the needs and wants for your design. We want to make our consultancy accessible to all so we offer you the opportunity to have an edible space even if you are on a low income. We want everyone to experience the benefits and joys of growing their own food. We  can do this based on an affordability evaluation.


Bronze Design (no implementation) from £150

Silver Design (no implementation) from £350

Gold Design (no implementation) £500

Additional Implemention cost per day: £100 a day

length of implementation is site specific, defendant on time of year and resources available.The cost includes the services of two designers.












Small growing space demonstration 7ft by 2ft. 65+ varieties of plants









Food Forest – demonstration space. This area will be 1/2 an acre when fully planted


Further details of the services included in the different design categories can be discussed at your free 1hr consultation


Requests for any of our services over a 15 mile radius from our location, EX21, will incur travel costs, this includes our free consultation.

email us@northdevonpermaculture.co.uk or call 07516477470

We are listed on the agroforestry site consultancy network https://www.agroforestry.co.uk/consultancy-network/

Please see our testimonials for client comments on our work.