Incredible Edible

We want to help the communities around us thrive. Bringing people together through food is a great way to do this. We decided to initiate an incredible edible project in the area, using Hatherleigh, our nearest town, as the starting point. Our aim is to introduce it to the other villages and towns that surround us. We hope Hatherleigh will inspire them to get growing!

We’ve called this our GET2gether project. GET stands for Give, Eat & Talk. The 2 is for giving just 2 minutes of your time to share, get involved and talk. The rest is bringing together all the elements to help create a resilient, thriving community. We aim to make it fun but most importantly to help people take care of each other creating a supportive network.

The first meeting will be held in Hatherleigh on May 3rd. Come along if you want to find out more.

You can find out more about the Incredible Edible movement here.