My journey Through Mental Illness

Life is a game. Play it well.


This diploma project is one that has had taboo connotations and stigma for some people for generations. It’s time that people accepted mental illness as a disease just like cancer. There are well known individuals that have had to deal with, or continue to deal with the issues of mental illness, such as Stephen Fry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Howard Hughes and Sir Isaac Newton had their fair share too. The famous writer Virginia Woolf and also the poet Sylvia Plath had to deal with their demons.

I have suffered with it all my life and it has been an obstacle for me. Since I have discovered Permaculture however I have found the tools to help me through the worst of situations. Along with my very loving and supportive husband Iain, family, the organisation MIND and our local mental health service Links. The support workers do fantastic work and are not nearly given the recognition they deserve.

This project is in its early stages and I am using it to help me come to terms with the fact I am not strange or a weirdo but in fact someone that can not keep up with the world. Our systems are set up to cater for one kind of person, it does not take into account that we are all individual and each of us has a special place in which we can very easily cope but at a different pace. I hope you will share my journey as I work on taking the micky out of myself, laughing at the most ridiculous of things and accept that I have not got time for idiots, oh and just simply being Furiously Happy.

Look in the mirror and SEE yourself