Nourish and Flourish Project


As education is an important part of what we do and have done, we have been wanting to work with schools and colleges in the area for sometime.  With the creation of Children In Permaculture (CiP), an international project helping Permaculture Designers to introduce Permaculture into schools, we welcomed the invitation to work with a local preschool.

We were invited by Jenny and Sarah from Hatherleigh Pre-school in Devon to help them introduce Permaculture into the preschool in the form of a small garden. We met with Jenny and Sarah and discussed what they were looking for and how we could work with the them  in creating a space which will nourish, as well as, help the children to flourish. This we decided to call our Nourish and Flourish project.

In a second visit to the school we observed the children at play and interacting with the staff. The children invited us to plant daffodil bulbs which was great fun!  We enjoyed talking to them and watching how they played with the soil and their curiosity over the shape of a bulb and how it should be planted. Who said a daffodil can’t be planted upside down!

Our hearts melted at the holistic approach the staff have in creating an environment which surrounds the children. We could sense the feeling of family and home, and the  care the children received. They were as intrigued by us as we were them. We loved every minute and look forward to stepping into the world of magic and play to create an abundant space.

This is the first project of this kind for us and we look forward to creating it with wonderful children and staff of Hatherleigh Pre-school.


Garden bed design using Sketchup created by Iain Bagnall


October 2017 – Garden beds implemented with a few changes made. After consulation a larger bed was decided on so an apple tree could be incorporated into the design. This was created by removing one of the tears from three of the beds.

Taking seeds 1

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