We now offer a postal service for our plants and seeds. Please see plant availability for what we currently have available.

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     Our plants

  • build soil
  • save you money
  • build habitat
  • increase health and wellbeing
  • help to build community

At Wishtree we are growing a wide variety of exciting, edible and useful plants, including nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs. We grow from seed or by cuttings on our 5 acre smallholding using beyond organic methods, with permaculture techniques and nature as our guide. We do not use any chemical fertilisers or herbicides. Pests and Predatory insects are welcome in our nursery as this helps to build up our ecosystem and ensures plants are strong and healthy before they leave us.


Through continued active observation, we are learning to work with nature, experimenting with what grows well in the wet, heavy clay soil, damp and windy conditions of our site and the local area.  After several years of experimenting with what does well and what is too time consuming to work with, we are able to grow a good selection of species.

We keep our costs to a minimum using resources from the site to help get our seedlings off to a good start. For example we use molehills and leaf mould, mixed together as potting compost. We sow some of our seeds this way whilst this resource is avaialble. We suppliment this with a peat free potting compost, usually New Horizon.

When selling our plants, we use compost to prevent the spread of unwanted ‘weed’ seeds. We aim to keep a closed loop system in practice by not bringing in any external resources unless necessary, even then we aim for recycled or organic materials as much as possible.

Our nursery is small but our yield is great!

The  nursery also supplies our edible garden design consultancy clients and outreach community projects.

Please contact us for details on our consultancy.