Other Services

Apart from our teaching and garden design, we also offer other services as part of our holistic approach to life.

Life Design (coaching)

This offers an opportunity to use special tools and techniques to help you move forward if you are feeling a little stuck in your life. Sometimes we have a vision or a dream and don’t quite know how to get there or believe we ever will.

Using a tool called The Design Web, we can help you to design your life path to make it easier to overcome the obstacles that can get in the way of successfully reaching for your goal.

Reiki – Holistic Therapy

To complete the different aspects of our busy day to day routine we offer Reiki. A hands on, 1to1, guided meditation and relaxation therapy to help you ‘get away’ from the stresses and strains of modern life, reconnecting your mind and body.

Please email us@northdevonpermaculture for more details.