Community Education

Thriving Communities

Using permaculture design and other resilience practices, we work with organistions to help them develop their own skills and knowledge to become resilient and sustainable.

We create phased plans of management to help them get started. Each project we work on is unique so we create bespoke designs to meet the individual needs.

We like to work on a facilitation basis  helping others to find the solutions to the challenges they are currently working with.

The areas we currently work in are:

Early Years

Learning Disabilities

“The body of fungi, called mycelium, consists of strands that form massive ‘string networks’ within the soil and have tremendous surface area contact with the soil. This fungi network is more efficient at gathering water and nutrients than a plant’s roots are.”

The fungi feed the woody plants with the nutrients and water that it has extracted from the soil, and the woody plants feed the fungi food sugars”