Permaculture In The Community

Thriving Communities

“The body of fungi, called mycelium, consists of strands that form massive ‘string networks’ within the soil and have tremendous surface area contact with the soil. This fungi network is more efficient at gathering water and nutrients than a plant’s roots are.”

The fungi feed the woody plants with the nutrients and water that it has extracted from the soil, and the woody plants feed the fungi food sugars”

Myceluim is a good example of how we would like to interact within our local community. Each town  and village around us is unique and has something very special to offer. Each one is in close proximity and this gives us the opportunity to work closely with them introducing Permaculture and building relationships. We hope they can learn and share in our knowledge as we hope we can learn from them and help build a strong thriving network.

“The mission of the Permaculture Association is to “Empower people to design thriving communities across Britain, and contribute to Permaculture worldwide.”

Our Vision is to see an abundant world in which humans flourish, in partnership with nature and each other, safeguarding the earth for us and for future generations.








We believe that our vision fits nicely with the Permaculture Association’s Mission. Building a regenerative livelihood and building strong and resilient links with our local community is important to us. We welcome ways in which we can help bring the benefits of Permaculture to the local community.

We love to seek out ways we can share our knowledge and skills but occasionally we are invited by organisations and individuals to share them through projects or activities.  It’s great to know that Permaculture is bubbling under the surface waiting to be explored by those who are aware of it but don’t yet know how to implement it in their lives.

This page shares with you how we are integrating Permaculture locally and helping to building Thriving Communities.