Plants Availability 2020

We have a small selection of plants from our permaculture nursery. We grow edible and unusual plants which we use in our edible garden design and for our community proejcts as well as for propagation material.

When available we will post a variety of species here which we have an abundance of for sale to the public. If you would like to purchase any of the plants listed below please contact us for more details on these plants and cost and delivery.

Romanus Rose

image coming soon

Eleagnus Umbellatta – Autumn Olive

Semi – evergreen shrub growing to approximately 5 metres tall and wide. Great for attracting wildlife and has small, edible, orange berries. It makes a fantastic jam and no, it doesn’t taste like olives!

It is nitrogen fixing so great as a chop and drop plant or good for windbreak and screening.

Saponaria Officinalis

A beautiful, yet temperamental plant. We use it for ground cover and making liquid soap for washing hands and hair with. The later is an activity we have done with our Early Years Education. The flowers are edible. We’ve tried them and they add a little something to a summer salad but only a few at a time.

It’s a great bee plant too.

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for any ill effects you may receive as a result of eating any of the species we have mentioned here. We use our knowledge and experience to determine if we think plants are edible or not. We recommend speaking to an expert before trying any unusual plants.