Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

  • We will collect data such as your personal or organisation* name, email address, address details and contact telephone number, such as your landline and/or mobile number.
  • We will take and collect photographs

*organisation refers to private business & charities and educational establishments

How will we collect your data?

  • We will collect your data either through email, by telephone,  face-to-face, written format or through using our course booking form which you will send to us through email or by post.
  • This may be done by you providing your information directly to us through email or our web contact page or through the process of written information or telephone.

How do we use the data we collect?

  • We use the data we collect to contact and communicate with you, either through email or by written or verbal form for the purposes of supplying you with any of our services or products; such as design proposals, invoices and receipts or products to you, such as course certificates, or anything which is relevant to the particular service you are using us for. Where you have requested our newsletters, we will use your email or home address to send this to you.
  • We use your information to ascertain the reach of our services and where they make a social impact.
  • We use digital photographs to enable us to do off-site observation and design work for our edible garden design consultancy. We use photography to record details and research of community projects we are doing with educational establishments, charities or other organisations. A chosen number of photographs will be used on our website or social media to highlight the work we do as a social enterprise. We will only use photographs where face-to-face consent has been given, or signed written or emailed authorisation.
  • We will use your data to stay in contact with you for the duration of any service that you are using us for. On completion of the service or consented contract we will delete all of your data should you request it.

How will we store your information?

  • We will hold the information we have for our records in either paper or electronic format. This will be in the form of copies of documents sent to you, of invoices or design proposals or other relevant document through email or by post.
  • These will be held on paper file until the tax regulation period has expired or you wish it to be deleted.
  • Any photographs will be sent to you digitally or transferred to your own digital storage facility upon your request on the completion of your design. If you do not want the photographs they will be deleted once the design or service is completed.

What will we do with the information we hold?

We will use this information to refer to, as part of one of the following:

  • For the community work we do, recording the progress of any projects we carry out for community and social benefit so that we may further our aims as a social enterprise and as an evidence base.
  • Our ongoing professional development & progress as social entrepreneurs and Permaculture designers
  • For HMRC accounting purposes
  • We will seek consent from a relevant adult such as a parent or carer before any photographs are taken relating to children or vulnerable persons. We will receive this consent in written form as a consent authorisation document. This will be kept in paper form for our records until you request it and any photographs to be deleted.

How long will we hold it for?

  • We will hold any information we have relating to you for the period required by law for tax purposes or until you wish it to be deleted.

Lawful Process

  • We use Legitimate interest as the lawful basis for processing data

Your rights and how you can process them.

  • You can request to see the information we hold about you. You can do this by email, telephone or written authority or verbally, asking  to see any or all information we may hold about you.
  • You can request to have your information deleted at anytime. You can do this by email telephone or written authority requesting that we delete all information we may hold about you.
  • If you have an questions or complaints about our policy please send these to us in email or written format
  • We will review our privacy policy annually or as regulation dictates.
  • We will not use this information to contact you in the future unless you give consent to do so in the form of email, telephone or written or verbal communication.
  • Any information you give to us in the form of email, address, written or verbal communication will not be supplied to third parties without your consent.