Sample Design


“I really enjoyed the design process where they spent a

lot of time understanding our needs as a family..”

Design space: 39 metres x 27 metres (approx 0.25 acres)

Suggested elements included:  aquaponics, mushroom logs, giant Jenga


Base map for property by Iain Bagnall
Sun sector overlay by Iain Bagnall
View, wind and neighbour sector overlays by Iain Bagnall
Predicted zoning overlay. Each zone indicated by the different colours by Iain Bagnall
Designer recommendations overlay by Iain Bagnall

Designers Comments –

This design allowed for so many different elements to be incorporated. We enjoyed the idea of a hobbit house for George and later a den at the top of the garden for him to ‘grow’ into. Our favourite for this was the idea of incorporating  an aquaponics system whilst using fertigation. This is fertilising and irrigating at the same time.