About our Talks

When asked for feed back on the delivery of our work this is what people said:


What did you like the most?

“I really found all of it very fascinating and engaging”

What we could have done differently & What would you like to see more of?

“It’s perfect”

“I really thought it was perfect!”

Anything else?

“I truly enjoyed and appreciated your expertise, knowledge and care for our natural world”

About Community work

Preschool Nourish & Flourish

“It was so lovely to see how the children are really starting to see you as their friends and how relaxed the way you are teaching them is.”

“It has really made a difference to Daisy’s life” (not the child’s real name)

Parent feedback about Nourish and Flourish  -Devon

“We need more of it!”

Little Beasties

How do you think  we have made a difference to you and/or your child?

My child doesn’t like getting mucky or dirt on hands but the activities are helping her to overcome this.

Incredible Edible Hatherleigh

“It makes me happy”

Lucy age 6- whilst planting

“I love this! Thank you to all involved”

“This is so lovely”

“The kids are going to love grabbing a few berries on the way home from school!!!”

Facebook comments from parents of the Hatherleigh Community

About Edible Garden Design

“Wenderlynn and Iain were brilliant. They took time to get to know us and our garden and understood the requirements even better than we did! Wenderlynn and Iain are both very knowledgeable and helpful, they came up with clever and practical solutions to the challenges our steep and tricky garden presented.

They presented us with beautiful designs and a comprehensive list of plants. Thank you North Devon Permaculture!”

Will & Rosa – Ilfracombe, Devon

“We made contact with Wenderlynn through a local website, she was seeking volunteers for a project garden and fortunately we were chosen.  We were happy as our front garden was a sadly neglected space, more of a burden than a pleasure.

We met with Wenderlynn and she explained to us the principles and aims of permaculture, we didn’t think twice when she asked us what we thought and immediately agreed that the idea of productive and beautiful front garden was just what we were looking for.

What an education it’s been, the first thing to realise is that a permaculture garden is anything but a piece of “cookie-cutter” garden design, it’s a truly two way process while  Wenderlynn may be “driving the bus” she actively seeks out suggestions  ideas from us the “passengers”.  The design was arrived at through a few meetings with Wenderlynn who interviewed us to ask what we wanted from the garden and then came up with a beautiful set of plans.  Even after the plan was drafted and agreed upon Wenderlynn remains flexible and continues to come up with ideas throughout the process.

Needless to say after many hours of hard, intensive work our garden has been transformed, still a work in progress it’s anything but a neglected burden, it’s somewhere we can all enjoy, a beautiful and productive space, and you should taste the strawberries.”

Paul and Amanda – Hertfordshire

“Moving house last year gave me the opportunity to think about implementing a permaculture design for our new suburban garden. However, our site is not straightforward, having the house more or less in the middle of the plot, plenty of shady areas, slopes and terraces and the requirement to keep the lawn area for social space which ideally would be best suited for growing! Having done the induction to permaculture course a couple of years ago I knew there were certain things I wanted to achieve with the garden to fit in permaculture principles but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how?

Step in Wenderlynn and Ian who took my wish list and carefully planned out everything I wanted to achieve and more! Important concepts they manged to include were things such as imaginative social space, a low maintenance edible and perennial garden, as well as finding space for chickens and even the potential to include aquaponics. I really enjoyed the design process where they spent a lot of time understanding our needs as a family to come up with a detailed garden design that is very inspiring but achievable over time. Their knowledge and understanding of permaculture and planting in second to none and I would recommend their support to anyone who is thinking about permaculture consultancy.”

Nicola – Devon

About Wishtree LAND learner

Reeds as mulch, genuinely interesting mix of rare plants, comfrey tractor. You’re considerate, attentive and generous. Rainwater harvested for drinking water. Clearly labelled food forest area and varieties. Lots of nectar plants for early pollinators. Free choice of camping spots – good mix of order and chaos = chaorder, like in nature. Rowan buds taste like marzipan! Toilet smelled nice. You have a humanure system. Shelter with woodburner was warm and welcoming (like your company) and the stove super cool! You have Permaculture Association posters displayed! The friendly cat neighbour – we almost smuggled her home. Trialing marginal plants, e.g. chickpeas”

R and J after an overnight stay camping(feedback as part of a PMI)

Tagore’s poem ‘To Civilization’ is a warning, as is Regis Debray’s article ‘Civilization: A Grammar’ (New Left Review 107 Sept/Oct 2017, https://newleftreview.org/…/regis-debray-civilization-a-gra…). ‘Give back the wilderness, take away the city’ Tagore implores. ‘Today it is the duty of man to ensure that civilization does not destroy culture nor technology the human being’, says Debray. What is needed is Tagorean world change, radical relocalisation, renewed communities working towards meeting their needs from newly designed food forests. It can be done! One project working towards a Tagorean Future is this one: https://www.facebook.com/NorthDevonPermaculture/

Chris Marsh  from  Plants For A Future 

“I hope you continue what you are doing because it is exactly what the world needs….”


“Thank you for the welcoming in this lovely woodland. The earth says thank you. La Terre Vous dit Merci!”

Aurelie – landscape architect from France

“Magical….love the little hidden spaces”

The James  family

About Courses and Workshops

“What I saw was your contribution to wider, whole school issues and curriculum.”

Jonathan Marshall MBE – Advisor and Trainer attending one of our Introduction to Permaculture courses