The Pancake Patch


The Pancake Patch is in a zone 2 area, slightly further away from zone o, the home. It is adjacent to the South West of the Microfarm.


The elements here are a mixed hedge and windbreak and an on contour swale. The hedge consists of a variety of trees and shrubs such as hazel, gelder rose, bird cherry, willow, oak, logan berry and romanus rose.

Design Ideas and Considerations

The Pancake Patch started out as an offering to the local community for a community garden. This wasn’t the natural desire line and instead it became our Pancake Patch. This idea came from reading ‘The Backyard Homestead’ by Carlen Madigan. We needed a place to experiment with annual and perennial grains so we integrated this in the design. This area will grow enough grain for us to make…literally pancakes!

We’re also stacking functions here by planting up a hedge, using ‘edge’ trees from around Wishtree, which were struggling but have since done better in more sunlight. It will not only act as a wildife corridor for nesting birds and dormice but it will also support the microfarm hedge, acting as an additional windbreak for the grain, microfarm and polytunnel.

The soil is very wet and boggy. Puddles of water sit on the surface. Swales have been marked out with an A-frame and back filled, leaving the excess soil as a rasied planting bed for the grain. Water that sits in the swales in the Summer will hydrate the beds and grain.