The Social


The Social is an example of a residential garden and is in a zone 1 area. It is adjacent to our zone 0 (the home).


The elements incorporated are, an edible lawn, hugelmounds for moisture retention and to create texture in the land scape; tyres to demonstrate thermal mass and how you can prevent them from going to landfill. There is a swing, pond and firepit.

Some examples of plants include: plum, witch hazel, raspberry, bladder senna (nitrogen fixing), cytisus (nitrogen fixing), amelenchier lamarckii.

Design Ideas:

This design is very much focused on the people care ethic. The way it is set out encourages relaxation, whilst being functional for harvesting medicinal plants and fruit. There are also one or two perennial greens, such as Austrian Tree Cabbage and iceplant (sedum)

Hanging from our Mother oak, the swing was predominately created for adults in mind but children use it too. As adults we forget to ‘find the child’ within us, so games and music are encouraged here round a small firepit.

This design also includes a firepit and small pond. The pond is added initially for safety if the fire gets out of hand, but an additional function is for wild life habitat, storing water and thermal mass.

The view from this space looks out across the land with views of the sunset other