Wall of Fame

This is our virtual wall of fame! Yes if you donate to us, you become famous. In our eyes you are our heroes and heroines, You give us the opportunity to make our project accessible to all, helping people and nature connect.

The following is a list of people or organisations who have donated to the project either financially or with equipment. We’re also very happy to be able to acknowledge our crowdfunding pledgers!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Heart ivy

Firstly a big thank you to those pledgers and donators who wished to remain anonymous who have requested not to be included in this list.

Sawbridgeworth Scouts and Guides group – Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire (our luck in obtaining these items was due to the unfortunate closure of the group.)

David and Christine Batley – Hertfordshire

Chelsea Pateman (crowdfunder)

Andy Goldring (crowdfunder)

Pocketfarm – Hertfordshire online magazine (crowdfunder)

Jane Chaplin & Dick Warns (crowdfunder)

Alyson Sharpe (crowdfunder)

Jenny and Paul Egmere (crowdfunder)

Viv Chamberline (crowdfunder)

Kim Hale (crowdfunder)

Graham Burnett (crowdfunder)

Terry and Diane Bagnall (crowdfunder)

Permie Elliot (crowdfunder)

Stef (crowdfunder)

Nick Gards (crowdfunder)

Crowbie (crowdfunder)

Olivia G (crowdfunder)

Nicola Spacey (crowdfunder)

Stephen (crowdfunder)

Jane Rance (crowdfunder)

Hannah Thorogood (crowdfunder)

Richard Morris (crowdfunder)

Sam Pearce (crowdfunder)

Bettina (crowdfunder)

Suzy Allen (crowdfunder)

Matthew Coston (crowdfunder)

Dorset Forest Garden (crowdfunder)

Ecokez (crowdfunder)

Ray Bomber