with your help we can reach the other side…..

Items needed:

Our biggest and most urgent need is a structure we can use for our course workshop. If you  think you can help with this please get in touch.

1/ Spades for heavy clay soil

2/ Digging forks

3/ Bow saws

4/ Pruning saws

5/ 2 person saw

6/ Grass rakes

7/ Wheel Barrows

8/ Oil Drum for making charcoal (donated by Simon Gladding)

9/ Reclaimed wood for making a kitchen shelter

10/ Materials for dry storage

11/ Deer fencing materials

12/ Other fencing materials

13/ Edible trees and plants.

14/ Someone to assist in building a tree bog

15/ Seating (old plastic garden chairs or benches are ideal)

16/ Pruning secateurs

17/ Scythes

18/ Shears

19/ Hand trowels and hand forks

20/ Loppers

21/ Large Water Butts



If you would like to donate any of the above please email us@northdevonpermaculture.co.uk

iain and orange rainbow