Wishtree – LAND Learner

Wishtree is our permaculture, off-grid, Learning and Network Demonstration site, (LAND for short), and the home of North Devon Permaculture CIC. We are a LAND learner, working towards becoming a full LAND centre through the Permaculture Association UK

Here we demonstrate how we are putting permaculture into practice in land based examples, as well as how we live and work. We demonstrate how we use techniques such as, forest gardening and agroforestry on varying scales. Wishtree is also our nursery where we propagate and grow our own trees, shrubs and produce.

If you follow the drop down pages from this introduction page, you will see highlights of these examples and how we have or are using permaculture design in each of them.

We were honoured to receive a visit from Plants For A Future

Some of the feedback we have had about Wishtree, “it’s magical”, “I feel uplifted” and “it’s like I’ve come home”. We’ve even had someone be inspired to write a song about her.