Tree Identification

Trees are the lungs of the earth, we can’t breath without them. They feed us, they keep us warm through fuel and give us shelter. They provide habitat for wildlife and build and protect our soils.

Learn how to identify the trees in the Winter and experience the magic of their crocked shapes and individual personalities. You may even get a chance to climb a tree!

This workshop will run at Wishtree, a LAND learner, permaculture demonstration project. You will be able to see examples of where we are using forest gardening as a complimentary growing technique with the natural woodland environment.

Date: October 12th

Time: 11- 1pm

Location: Wishree, Devon, EX21 5JN

Cost: £10.00 adults £2.00 Children

Tea and coffee provided

Please select this link to book through event brite. For more details please contact us or call 07516477470