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We offer courses and workshops on land and social permaculture related education. We deliver talks on creating your own edible space and offer people the opportunity to have a bespoke design of their own through our design consultancy

We are a social enterpriseThe profits we make go back into helping support the work we do in our local community.

We aim to introduce people to permaculture and resilient living, showing the holistic way it can be used in everyday life, and help as part of a lifestyle change for better wellbeing and positive social & ecological regeneration.

We are an offgrid, permaculture project in Devon. From our nursery we produce and sell edible and useful plants. Plants for food, crafts and as systems plants such as nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs. We also use them as part of the integration into our own designs and for our design consultancy.  These plants, and the land they are grown on, are central to everything we do from learning about soil life to the intangible energies that surround us. We do not use chemicals and believe in working with nature rather than against her. She teaches us everything we need to know.

We are a member of the Permaculture Association UK